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The following services are offered for any campaign, in any and all states:

Media Consulting

Pitch Materials

Media Planning, Placement, Execution, and Monitoring

Negotiating and navigating tiered rate levels for Candidate and Non Candidate Advertisers

Proprietary Data Mining that includes market and demographic research

Mapping/Zip Code Analysis

Television, Cable or Satellite, and Radio

Digital or Social Media, Print, Out of Home, Outdoor, OTT/VOD

Multi-Lingual media strategy and buying

Competitive Analysis and updates

Traffic coordination -FEC/FPPC Reporting, FCC Compliance


Ondine Fortune

President/Media Director

Fortune Media, Inc.

Ondine Fortune is recognized as one of the nation’s top experts in media planning and media buying for politics and public affairs campaigns. Since creating Fortune Media in 2000, she has bought over $300M in advertising for the clients she serves. Fortune Media has been on the cutting edge of micro-targeting and the use of data mining to better target advertising plans.


Her considerable industry knowledge and reputation have made her the media strategist of choice for hundreds of successful political and public affairs campaigns nationwide.


Featured in Cable World Advertising, Politics Magazine and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times, Ondine is widely regarded as the expert on micro-targeting advertising. She has transformed cable interconnect policies, and negotiated greater frequency and shorter deadlines on behalf of every client she serves.


Fortune Media offers complete media planning with extensive print, radio, broadcast and online capabilities in addition to its nationally recognized cable expertise. The result is steadily increasing influence and solid working relationships throughout the entire political and public affairs industry. Ondine has served on the board of the American Association of Political Consultants since 2009; The trade association for political and public affairs professionals. Which requires a signed code of ethics that we uphold.


Fast on Her Feet…

Ondine comes from a long line of entrepreneurs including a grandfather who co-founded the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios with the iconic entertainer in 1947. Ondine even took a few turns in the family business before discovering she preferred interaction on the political stage to the dance floor. Instilled with her family’s entrepreneurial spirit and pride in professionalism, Ondine Fortune has emerged as a trusted strategist among political and public affairs consultants.


Tom Shepard

For political campaigns, the process of media buying has become much more complicated, with dramatic changes in viewing habits and the proliferation of platforms.

Part of the secret to our firm’s success has been partnering with Fortune Media, Inc. for the past 20 years, Ondine is on top of these market changes, is willing to think outside the box to maximize our resources, and is diligent in always doing what’s best for her client.

Tom Shepard, President of Tom Shepard & Associates, Inc.; Chair, American Association of Political Consultants

David L. Mowery

“Ondine, and the whole Fortune Media team, represent the pinnacle of political media buying and the best of our business in general. From large, months long statewide buys to last minute cable insertions, their professionalism and expertise help consultants like me WIN RACES. Their expert analysis and long standing business relationships with stations and ad networks help media professionals and the campaigns they represent get more and better placements for less money because they know when to buy, what to buy and how to make sure it clears whether you place LUR or non pre-emptible or anything in between.

On top of their business acumen and ability to help consultants win races, Ondine is a mentor to many in our business and is always willing to lend an ear or a hand when you need advice or just someone to vent to. She’s not just the best in the business, she’s a true friend and mentor to so many of us who got into this business as kids who barely knew what they were doing and continues to be there for all of us whether we’re million dollar accounts or never even place with her.”

David L. Mowery, The Chairman at Mowery Consulting + FIXR Digital

Jeff Eller

You want Ondine Fortune to be part of your team.

She’s more than a media buyer. She’s a media planner, a strategist and one of the few people in the business who understands how all pieces of the media puzzle come together.

With a background in cable, Ondine knows how to micro target. Instead of just throwing up a schedule, she identifies takes your targeting and finds the best ways to reach those voters. She knows how broadcast, cable, and digital fit together. Her recommendations help you reach those targets efficiently. That means you save money and in our case, a lot of money. She doesn’t take your numbers and plug them into something she’s already done. She plans from the ground up

In the last campaign we worked together, we were outspent by two to one. Ondine presented a media plan that solely focused on our targets. With her plan we were able to reach the targets more efficiently despite being out spent. We won an upset in no small part because of the work of Fortune Media.

Tough campaign? Do what I did. Call Ondine Fortune and Fortune Media. It’s one of the best decisions you can make

Jeff Eller, Jeff Eller Group CEO/Founder

Case Study

Turning North Carolina from Red to Blue

Careful media buys targeted young Adults and African American 18-30 voters to make the difference in tough races…


Ondine Fortune
Media Director and President